The screws in my spine along with bilateral hip replacements.

The screws in my spine along with bilateral hip replacements.

My Personal Story of Resilience and the Power of Therapy.

For much of my life ambition, drive, social networking, and massive amounts of personal energy just seemed to be embedded in my DNA. Squeezing every ounce out of each and every day with a genuine smile on my face was just second nature. And it wasn’t enough just for me to enjoy this way of life, I wanted everyone I knew to have that same experience. I’d wake up to hit the surf first thing in the morning, jump on a skateboard for a couple hours, head to class at Long Beach State, meanwhile putting together big events hoping to create lasting memories for thousands every week, and even find some time to bartend at some of the hotter spots in town. At the age of 24 I was rounding up investors, creating business plans, and developing nightlife/hospitality projects.

My career took me to Las Vegas to work at the Wynn and Tao. At 29, I was being featured in magazines, websites, and newspapers, even dubbed as one of the most influential, savvy, and powerful people in the industry. As a marketing specialist for one of the most influential hospitality brands in the world, taking care of some of the most wealthy and famous, I was truly living out a dream... And then came my nightmare.

The majority of my early 30's were confined to a bed. I had developed a rare bone disease which left me with a couple artificial hips, a couple fused vertebrae, a few degenerative arthritic joints, and a world of constant chronic pain. You could say I found my situation depressing. Waking up each day was a struggle and getting through the day was even harder.

Much of the advice I received while going through this struggle wasn’t all that different from what any of us hear about our normal daily problems. I’d constantly hear, “you’ll get through it,” “pray,” “be a man,” “you’ll be fine,” “it’s not that bad.” Although everyone meant well, the vast majority of us don’t know what to say or how to help others when someone’s dealing with pain of any kind as well as a major life altering condition. While trying to find my own way through this struggle, I encountered and talked to plenty of others dealing with similar problems. Through the power of therapy and help from others, I was able to find inherent strengths which empowered my resilience to not just continue on, but to thrive, and create a new life with purpose, and meaning.

Since originally being inspired by my Harvard Psychologist uncle at a young age, I had always believed my path was to one day become a therapist myself. So after finally accepting my situation, and the life in front of me, it was time that I follow through with my aspirations to help others achieve life long change.

Fast Forward to today. Having completed graduate school at Pepperdine’s Graduate School of Education and Psychology, training from some of the pioneers in Narrative Therapy, an internship at Pepperdine’s prestigious Community Counseling Center as well as Comprehensive Training in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy from The Linehan Institute, I’ve found myself being able to fulfill my passion in helping others get throught their own difficult situations and get the most out of their lives. I wouldn’t have things any other way today. Over the last 4 years I have been blessed with the opportunity to help a wide range of clients dealing with issues ranging from depression, anxiety, substance abuse, adjustment, borderline and bipolar disorders, insomnia, stress and others. This work is my ultimate passion and I strive to provide the best possible care I can for my clients. I believe that the some of the struggle I have been through was only further training for me to help understand the pain that so many others go through on a daily basis. So if you or anyone you know might want the help of a therapist, or may be going through a difficult time please don’t hesitate to let me know. I promise to do my best to help you or your loved ones get the help needed.